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Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Its construction work was completed in 1994. The height of the tower is 468m and is the top three TV tower in the world. You can view the whole beautiful Shanghai sightseeing in the tower.
Jinmao Tower
Shanghai's most spectacular building, visible from almost everywhere in the city, is largely an office block, but boasts stupendous views from the 88th-floor observatory.
People's square
People's square is located in the heart of the city. You'll be amazed by the teeming masses jostling to and fro in this unique section of Shanghai. It is adjacent to Nanjing road and shopping centres, restaurants, theatres, etc.
Shanghai Art Museum
This museum relocated in 2000 to a stunning new location in the former British racecourse club building (built in 1933). The collection ranges from modern works and pop art to the Shanghai school of traditional Chinese art.
Shanghai museum
Of the Shanghai Museum's 120,000 works of art, one-third have never before been shown. While guiding you through the craft of millennia, the museum simultaneously draws you through the pages of Chinese history. Expect to spend half, if not a whole day here - it's one of the city's highlights.
Shanghai Xintiandi, "The City's Living-Room" is a place to unwind and relax after a long day. A window to the past and the future, to China and the world.Shanghai Xintiandi's Shikumen attraction was created by converting residential blocks into a multifunctional dining, retail and entertainment center flowing with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and bars of an international standard.
Yu Garden
The delightful Yuyuan Gardens took 18 years (1559-77) to create, only to be ransacked during the Opium War in 1842. The gardens have been restored and are worth visiting to see a fine example of Ming garden design. The bazaar is a wonderland of tasty snacks and souvenirs